De Zandberg (The Sand Mountain) is a workshop for disabled artists. It is conceived for adults who have an artistic feeling.

Every artist has its own spot to work at De Zandberg. Work at De Zandberg involves painting, drawing, working with clay, working with fabrics, photography, dance, music, poetry, silkscreen painting, etching, etc,... There are many things one can learn, but also teach to others. One can explore, invent, observe different techniques and materials. Or one can try multiple disciplines and find out what suits best. Every artist has his own style. Your individual style will reflect your personality. Whoever looks at your work will recognize the work of your creativity and your hands.

Art creates connections
At regular times we will visit exhibitions or artist's workshops or just beautiful spots. Why? To learn and observe. To watch what other people are making. To meet other artists, to listen to them and to talk to them and then go back to our own workshop and be inspired to make something new or to continue with fresh ideas.

Occasionally you will be offered a chance to work with other artists and learn new things. This could be something totally new, that you've never done before, or it could involve working together on a project. Working together means learning from one another.

If a person has been working at De Zandberg for some time and has been making interesting work, some of his/her art work may be eligible for exhibition. Showing one's work is really important as it enables you to hear other people's opinions. It is equally important for people who visit the exhibition as they will first see the exhibits and then later find out that the artists who made them are 'different'.

All projects, visits, ... can be viewed on our weblog:

Art Library

Every year our artists present their work to a jury. This jury makes a selection of the best creations. These works will become part of our Art Library. This means that people can rent these painings, drawings, etches, etc. They will pay € 35 per year and will be allowed to choose a new work of art from our Art Library as often as they like.
You will find all artists and photos of the work they have on loan on

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