A guided work environment offers support to those who are unable to maintain paid jobs due to personal or socially-related circumstances. Guided work offers them a chance to go to work in a proper work environment, on a voluntary basis.

Whom for?
People in a guided work environment have various restrictions that prevent them from participating in a mainstream job environment. Concretely, this could mean:

- Disabled persons who have been approved by the Flemish Agency for Guided Work.
- Persons who have worked in a regular work environment previously but who can no longer handle it. They may have been offered an exemption by the National Employment Office.
- Persons who enjoy social benefit and have been medically approved for guided work.

Guided work is based on the requirements of the client and involves individual coaching.

We proceed along the following steps:
- The job coach analyzes the possibilities, support needs and desires of the client.
- The job coach and the client look for a suitable job.
- The job coach develops a made-to-measure task package for the client.
- During a trial period the job coach supports the client in acquiring the necessary skills and he/she advises the employer where needed.
- Made-to-measure provides all documents: job contract, insurance,. ..
- Made-to-measure guarantees permanent follow-up by the job coach, intensively at first, from a distance in a later stage. 

Why working is so important:
- Working offers structure.
- Participating in a work environment equals participating in society.
- Working enlarges the personal social network.
- Working enhances the quality of life. 

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