KnaP (read Canapé) organizes alternative events for clients who are (getting) older. From the age of 50 they are welcome for advice and support.

KnaP has two locations: Kuurne and Avelgem.

Our offer:
- A place to meet
- Training, culture, networking, experiencing, ...
- Support to maintain skills. Demonstrating and offering support appliances.
- Wide variety of activities and passive events
- Supporting senior clients in the organisation of their personal life (ambulant guidance - only at Avelgem).
- Services: lending services for catering material and traditional games, range of home-made products and articles by our senior clients (Kuurne), ...

What we consider important:
- Every senior client has his/her own identity, abilities, life history and dignity.
- Remaining 'active' in an appropriate way
- Validating the existing network and encouraging new contact.
- Looking at external resources and encouraging cooperation with existing services for senior citizens.
- Sharing expertise

KnaP Kuurne
Beukenlaan 47, 8520 Kuurne
Tel. +32 (0)56/64 60 62

Knap Avelgem
Ganzenhofstraat 69, 8580 Avelgem
Tel. +32 (0) 56/64 60 62

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