Het Palet (The palette) responds to various formation needs of clients using adjusted methodological and substantive support. Our cooperation with De Stroom, leisure and educational services, enables us to offer activities in a broader regional context. By participating with other partners like sports organizations (Bloso, Mentor,...) we are able to set up activities within the mainstream formation circuit.

Training courses stimulate physical, spiritual and social development. They promote participation and involvement with society. It is our objective to create networks where people connect and interact, and we aim to involve every individual in this process. With the help of family, other services, satellites and organisations, we offer a wide range of educational, cultural, sports and leisure activities.

According to the principle of supply and demand, we can arrange:
- Educational activities like computer courses, courses on relationships and sexuality, ...
- Activities involving current events
- Cultural activities involving art, speech, theater, music, dance, ...
- Sports activities like horse riding, netball, swimming, fitness, walking, ...
- Leisure activities such as cradle massage, ...

We adapt the program every year, incorporating new content.

Specific assignments within the Ubuntu Group:
- Supporting clients who are members of the user councils by means of discussion meetings
- Gathering, spreading and eliciting information by newsletter, website,...

Het Palet (The Palette)
Social Cultural Formation Service
Oudenaardsesteenweg 234, 8500 Kortrijk
Tel. +32 (0) 499/51 39 68

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