Het Ganzenhof (The Geese Farm) is an educational biological farm and unique project where about forty disabled people, volunteers and staff members work together. Traditional bread baking, growing biological vegetables and fruit, shredding wood, composting, rearing rare breeds of small farm animals, producing jams and preserves, syrups and liqueurs with homegrown fruit and vegetables, setting up an educational site on ecological farming, ... There is suitable work for everyone. Het Ganzenhof offers several areas of activities that meet a unique blend of ecological and social objectives.

Visitor's Center
The educational activities at Het Ganzenhof are meant to introduce visitors to the many areas of its activities in an attractive and instructive manner. Het Ganzenhof has been acknowledged by Vlaco as a demonstration site of low impact and ecological farming. One may visit our composting demonstration site and there is an interesting joint venture with the composting authorities in Avelgem. An educational field trip package is offered to schools.

Bio Farm
Respect for the environment is a key attitude that characterizes all our activities. Our vegetables are grown without use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We use compost to grow common as well as forgotten varieties of vegetables and we respect the principles of crop rotation. The animals that we keep enjoy a natural environment and are reared on biological fodder. Het Ganzenhof guarantees biological cultivation and is recognized by BLIK.

Job care center
Het Ganzenhof aims to promote job and (re)integration opportunities for people who are unable to achieve these goals by themselves for personal or social reasons. For those, Het Ganzenhof may be a rewarding step towards reintegration within the regular or protected work environment.

Local meeting place
The neighborhood around  Het Ganzenhof has been recognized as "Outstanding Neighborhood" by the King Baudouin Foundation. This fact underlines the open character Het Ganzenhof strives for.

Het Ganzenhof (The Geese Farm)
Educational bio farm
Bosstraat 2, 8580 Avelgem 
Tel. +32 (0)56/75 64 11

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