AZC De Kringloopwinkel Zwevegem (Job Care Center & Thrift Shop) is a joint venture between Feniks npo, PCSW Zwevegem and Kringloopwinkel Zuid-West-Vlaanderen npo. Our job care center offers jobs that are suitable for every client. For every individual we try to find an answer that fulfills his/her demands for work. As a joint organisation we appeal to a large variety of people. Not only clients of Feniks npo, but also clients of employment services, Article 60, ... Every person comes from a different background, has his own story, his own requirements, specific skills and limitations. Everyone is different and we strive to offer a specific approach.

Our offer includes a wood workshop, laundry and ironing workshop, framing workshop and of course our thrift shop:

- At the wood workshop pieces of furniture are given a new life. Sanding down, varnishing, repairing, painting, ... A number of techniques are used. Old cupboards or chairs are turned into fashionably renovated pieces.
- At the framing shop all photographs, pictures, jigsaw puzzles and posters can be framed. Works of art from De Zandberg, customers' family pictures, posters of favorite artists, every object is carefully handled and attractively framed to enhance its value.
- The laundry and ironing workshop looks after the clothes of our staff and customers that need ironing and the clothes of the residents of the retirement home. Everything is neatly washed, dried, ironed and folded.
- People bring old or unused goods to the thrift shop. Every item is checked, cleaned and priced before finding its place in the shop. Customers come in to buy furniture, books, clothes, glasses and cups at low prices. Old things are given a second life.


Arbeidszorgcentrum De Kringloopwinkel (Job Care Center and Thrift Shop)
Avelgemstraat 188, 8550 Zwevegem
Tel. +32 (0) 56/70 70 69

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