Mobile Team Region Zwevegem/Harelbeke

Every person with a disability who lives alone, with partner and/or children, who shares a house, can call upon the mobile team for assistance.

We believe that you should try to do the things that you’re capable of yourself. When we notice some help is needed, we look for a service in the regular circuit. You can also go to an ambulant coach to tell your story or if you need support when things get tough. The mobile team will help you to organise your life as good as possible and learn you some practical and social skills to enhance your independency. Finally we stimulate you to participate in the community and thus build a network.

The Mobile Team region Zwevegem/Harelbeke offers support to the residents of three Ubuntu housing projects:
Vaartstraat 17
Heerbaan 22/20
- Tweemolenstraat 25

Blokkestraat 29A, 8550 Zwevegem
Tel: +32 (0)56/73 60 55