Mobile Team Kuurne

The working area of the mobile team stretches out from Kuurne to Lendelede.

Residential Team Guesthouse Indigo

The Guesthouse Indigo offers a temporary and socially relevant living environment to adults with a disability. The functioning contains more than a short stay. Indigo supports clients and their network in four areas:

- Temporary living support: clients can stay in the guesthouse temporarily, even during holidays
Trajectory support: in consultation with the client service, the demand for care is clarified
Crisis relief: in case of a crisis or emergency, clients are welcome in the guesthouse
Family support: on a regular basis and in support of the family or caretaker, clients can come to the guesthouse

You can knock at the door of the Guesthouse Indigo when you’re 18 years or older and recognised by the Flemish Agency for Disabled Persons (VAPH). The stay can vary from 1 up to 92 days in one year. This period can be spread, depending on the demand for care. Support is offered in a harmonious environment. The guesthouse is situated in a quiet neighbourhood on walking distance from the centre of Kuurne. We strive for a personal service provision. The coaching is guided by a pluralistic view and the upmost respect for every person.


Guesthouse Indigo
Beukenlaan 47
8520 Kuurne
Tel: +32 (0)56/36 14 77
Gsm: +32 (0)494/51 17 67
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