Mobile Team Region Kortrijk/Menen

Mobile Team Region Kortrijk/Menen offers support to people who live alone or in a small group in Kortrijk, Menen and Wevelgem. They receive intensive, ambulant living support aimed at independent living. We strive for full-fledged citizenship, with attention for the social network and the concrete demands for care. With this form of support, we also call upon external services such as mail delivery, family assistance, etc.

Residential Team Ter Vrije Aard

Residential Team Ter Vrije Aard offers support to persons who can no longer live at home for whatever reason. The homes in Bissegem give residents a safe and yet challenging environment where they are perceived as adults who can give meaning and content to their life independently.

This approach is motivated by a customised care philosophy: as much care as needed, as less care as possible. Autonomy, freedom of choice and well-dosed responsibility are at the centre of Ter Vrije Aard. Contacts with family, network and the broader society are encouraged. A personal coach looks after the well-being of the residents. This is the closest caretaker for the resident, who can call upon him/her for all demands, wishes, remarks or practical issues. Formally and informally, time is made for talks with parents, family and relatives, who are involved as much as possible by the accommodation and support plans as possible.

Ter Vrije Aardstraat 10
In Ter Vrije Aardstraat 10 we offer 24/24 hours support. The residence accommodates 11 people, is quiet and located near the banks of the river Lys.
- Sterrenhoek Biezenheem (Hendrik Dewildestraat 10)
In a seperate wing of the residential care centre live five clients. The support is provided by the Residential Team Ter Vrije Aard; the accommodation and night support are provided by the residential care centre.
- Serviceflat Rietveld (Hendrik Dewildestraat 6)
- Drie Kerkenstraat 70/2


Woonteam Ter Vrije Aard
Vrije Aardstraat 10
8501 Bissegem
Tel: 056/ 49 97 88
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