Mobile Team Region Avelgem/Waregem

The mobile team offers support to disabled persons who live in Avelgem, Waregem, Deerlijk or Spierre-Helkijn.
The mobile team also helps with some residents in the studio’s at Ganzenhofstraat 69.

Residential Team Ganzenhofstraat

The residential team offers support to the residents of:
Ganzenhofstraat 69
Studio’s Ganzenhofstraat

Residential Team Ganzenhofstraat offers all-day support for disabled persons. Five to seven clients are living in four adjacent houses. Everyone has an own room. Those who like to socialise with other people can go to common areas: living rooms, kitchens and a garden terrace. Supporting staff is always present.

In the condominium we offer a safe home, where each client can be himself/herself. From the home base, every client can live and organise his/her own life. Each house has its own identity, depending on the clients and their specific demands. Residential support staff guarantees a continuous follow-up of all individual clients in their daily activities: household chores, leisure, networks, …

Residential Team Oudenaardsesteenweg

This residential team offers support to the residents of:
Oudenaardse Steenweg 102
Kerkhofstraat 44
Leopoldstraat 14
Studio's Ganzenhofstraat

The home in the Oudenaardsesteenweg accommodates ten people who need permanent care and supervision. The ones who can and want to live more independently, will feel comfortable in the Leopoldstraat or Kerkhofstraat. Four people are currently living there. During week days, residents go to their adjusted day activities.

Through interaction between resident, network (family, friends, …) and the team, we want to:
- Ensure a pleasant and clean living environment
- Stimulate and improve the own skills to a maximum (independency, social skills, growth opportunities,…)
- Look for a useful daytime activity (both individually as in group)
- Maintain or extend social contacts (with family, friends and neighbours)
- In sum: make sure the resident feels good

Residential Team Toekomststraat

The project in Toekomststraat
6 in Avelgem offers individual residences for persons with autism, with or without disability. The fact that every client lives in his or her own studio and that there are no communal areas, makes this house somewhat different than the other houses of Group Ubuntu. From the beginning, all stakeholders including Autistem npo, clients and their network, were included. The interior fitting of the studios, the organisation of work and free time, all happened with the wishes and needs of the clients in mind.


Feniks Condominium
Ganzenhofstraat 69
8580 Avelgem
Tel (home 1&2): +32 (0)56/65 30 78 - Tel (home 3&4): +32 (0)56/65 30 79
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Oudenaardesteenweg 102
8580 Avelgem
Tel: +32 (0)56/64 50 62

Kerkhofstraat 44
Tel: +32 (0)56/74 17 22

Leopoldstraat 14
Tel: +32 (0)56/64 79 03

Toekomststraat 6
Tel: +32 (0)56/64 60 62