'As Group Ubuntu we want to support people with a disability and their network - from an attitude of respect and equality - in finding a role of meaning in society and an own valued place to live in quality. We do this from the understanding that connectivity with all people is necessary and required to fully know and realise oneself as individual. To achieve this, we want to utilise all our talents and expertise, start own initiatives and engage in networks.'


We vision a world where the differences between people are seen as an added value and where each citizen, from a deep respect for each others individuality, contributes to a society in which connectivity, interdependency and sense of community and citizenship are important.

We vision a society where people look beyond the boundaries of limitations and disabilities and where humanity and equality are the driving forces to offer each citizen a qualitative life.

We vision a society where each citizen, with or without disability, has the potential and opportunity to develop his or her talents, can and wants to mean something for the others in the own environment and network, as well as in the broader society.

We vision Group Ubuntu as a full-fledged network organisation, where cross-sectoral thinking and working is evident, where temporary and lasting partnerships grow and where we develop socially responsible projects.

We vision Group Ubuntu as a network organisation that cooperates with people with a disability and their personal network to provide a good quality of life by stimulating or even initiating durable, innovative and future-oriented initiatives, characterized by respect for man and nature.

We vision Group Ubuntu as a network organisation where every employee is co-owner, on his/her level, and thinks about the vision, the organisation and the assurance of life quality, and helps to shape these where her/his talents are most appreciated.

We vision ourselves as a network organisation that contributes to and raise the bar in society, that gives attractive and inciting examples, starts excitatory and tantalizing dialogues, explores existing boundaries and unconditionally advocates for the well-being of people with a disability.





From our vision we want to develop an lifestyle of social guidance, that is visibly and tangibly present in all our connections and relations with every client, with each other and with wider society.

Specific in relation with people with a disability, this lifestyle presents itself for instance in the following cases:

-How can durable relationships originate where people with a disability feel safe and loved?
-How can people with a disability experience their own value and dignity in the relationships they have?
-How do I help people with a disability to give them all the chances to offer their value towards me, others and society?
-How can they contribute to a valuable society?