The name Group Ubuntu is derived from the life philosophy that is at the base of the (South) African society. It refers to what you signify and can do for others. It relates to how other people see you and how you see yourself within relationships, family and the community.

Giving a conclusive definition of the term is hardly possible. Ubuntu doesn't translate itself as an attitude, it can't be described in words. Perhaps our notion of humanity bears most similarity. It refers to friendliness, hospitality, generosity, gentleness, heartfelt, compassion and care. Sharing your qualities unconditionally and putting them at the service of others, not at their expense. It is about being open and generous, and not feeling threatened by others. Realizing that, from a mutual connectivity, you are part of a bigger picture and that differences between people offer an enormous enrichment.

'We need other human beings in order to be and become human' Desmond Tutu quotes. You learn and develop, precisely because you differ from others. We have to cherish this diversity in the interest of the community and the bigger entity that lies underneath.


From this Ubuntu philosophy, we want to add a new dimension to the citizenship model that forms the base of our support and service to people with a disability. Being a full member of a society entails more than just being able to maintain and function in that society.

It means that every person, every citizen, possesses the potential and has the task to shape this society. Without this personal input 'the world' would look very different. We are convinced from the Ubuntu philosophy that a person with a disability also has the ability to create, and because of that, add and contribute to the development of the quality of life of others. At the same time he himself enjoys a higher quality of and satisfaction in life. What challenge presents itself: the active search for new opportunities for clients and employees, the matching of personal interests and the offer (of activities), receiving and taking chances to realize ambitions, daring and having the opportunity to take risks, explore, innovative and working across borders, ...

In short, to develop your talents: realize yourself en therefore let others grow along with you.

Or like the core value of Group Ubuntu says: