Citizenship has always been one of the key aspects is the vision of the three network partners! Especially treating clients as full citizens and members of society. From the Ubuntu life philosophy a very important aspect is added: this is expressed with the adjective 'communal' ('of the community' - 'with a great sense of community').

Communal starts from the premise of connectivity with each other, across borders, as a condition to fully know and realise yourself. Within our western mental framework and society, this is a surprisingly new look: the idea that we can only truly become human if we do this together with, and surrounded by others, abled or disabled. This thought conflicts completely with the individualism we mainly recognize today in our society. Self-realization only is successful while making an effort for the society as a whole.

There are 4 core values that influence our acts and thoughts within our organisation:

The main idea is the dignity of all human beings. We respect each others individuality and identity, ideas and views, rights and (social) properties. We take each other into account. We fully realize the consequences of our behavior on others. We see each other as unique and consider this to be a profit and an added value.

We are all connected with each other and our society. This interaction creates a feeling of affinity, connectivity and care. On the other side, this connectivity offers chances, opportunities and challenges to grow and develop, both as an individual as well as the organisation as a whole.

The choices we make are to be seen from the perspective of a network organisation, that can also keep functioning in a meaningful way in the future. On the level of life quality of the people with a disability, as of our immediate living environment, nature and environment and of the 'broad society'. We write our own chapter in a continuous story.

Our democratic society is an achievement we cherish. Everybody can, and is allowed to fully participate. We have received rights. But we also have the duty to keep these democratic values active and alive. As a network organisation, we want to build constructively towards a warm and valuable  society, starting from our expertise, talents and qualities. We want to leave behind an indelible 'imprint'!