The client service wants to help you and your network to explore your talents and support needs. Together we'll set up a made-to-measure support package that enhances your quality of life.

For whom?
For all clients who use Ubuntu Group's support services.

Defining needs: what are your requirements?
If you come knocking at our door, first you will be dealing with somebody who defines your needs. Together you will look into the story of your life to establish:

- Your talents and abilities
- Your support needs are
- Your dreams and desires for the future

Initially we will look for solutions within the regular support services. As it happens, you might be directed towards another, mainstream service or organization that is able to provide the support that is needed.

If the answer to your requirements is to be found within the Ubuntu Group, and for some reason cannot be met straight away, we will stay in touch with you and your network on a regular basis, impending the actual start of our support.

As soon as it is decided to start the support, you will be assigned a coach. He or she will draw up a guidance plan along with you, your network and your support staff.

This consists of:
- Outlining the picture: the story of your life.
- The personal support plan: your talents, desires, support requirements and ensuing long-term objectives.
- The guidance plan: concrete steps for the following year. This is made up with your help.

Every three years, you and your coach will have a discussion, where your guidance plan is assessed, evaluated and supplemented. Your support staff and your network will be invited to those meetings. Sometimes an additional meeting may be organized (for instance if accommodation needs to change). We believe it is important to actively support and reinforce your network and to encourage them to fully and consciously take up their place and role in your life.

Together we aim for a life of high quality.
If you have any questions or you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Client services Group Ubuntu
Blokkestraat 29A, 8550 Zwevegem
Tel. +32 (0) 56/64 60 62
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