Group Ubuntu npo is a network organisation for the support of people with a disability operating in the region of South-West-Flanders. Group Ubuntu npo is the result of a collaboration between Feniks, Regenboog and Het Kruispunt.

In the last decade, the number of organizations in our society, both in the profit as in the non-profit sector, has grown enormously. Parallel, an evolution towards more diverse forms of organisations can be noticed. One can truly speak of an organising society. Because of this increasing density and diversification of organizations, there is in increased chance that they meet and 'pollinate' each other in their daily activities.

For Regenboog, Feniks and 't Kruispunt, pluralistic services for people with a disability, respectively located in Kuurne, Avelgem and Harelbeke, this was the case in 2007. Gradually, these organisations found each other and a constructive cooperation was created.

In the first phase the different sections (satellites) started working together and they started experimenting within the cooperation. As the cooperation of the different sections took shape, it was clear that a new organizational structure was needed to respond to the evolutions, expectations and future of the three foundations. The subsequent years, a new organizational structure has been developed meticulously with all stakeholders (employees, Board of Directors and the General Assembly). The formation of an innovative network organisation was the most obvious choice.

A few goals were clear from the beginning:
- Expand, diversify and differentiate the offer of services for people with a disability.
- Create one contact point for the entire region.
- Use the talents of the employees and increase their expertise.
- Improve the efficiency of management, administration and infrastructure.
- ...

The essence of this new network organisation is in its added value: together involved, together shaping, searching and working in a continuous construction and reconstruction. Partners are equal and there is no unilateral dependency but reciprocity, with the emphasis on delegated responsibilities, the empowerment of our people, the self-drive and the coaching.

This new network organisation was appropriately called 'Group Ubuntu'. You can read more about this choice and the philosophy of Group Ubuntu on our website.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Reception desk Group Ubuntu
Blokkestraat 29A, 8550 Zwevegem
Tel. +32 (0)56/64 60 62
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